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Artist bio

Artist bio

Said to sound like the "lovechild of Amy Winehouse and Billie Eilish", Cami Petyn is a new force in the music scene. Her powerful and dynamic vocals over dark experimental beats scream authenticity and originality. Cami blends elements of modern pop, old-school jazz and electronica creating an edgy and alluring sound.


Valuing transparency and innovation, Cami brings funk and depth with her music, using her lyrics to touch on topics that matter deeply to her- mental health, self-acceptance and growth. "My music to me is turning pain into power", explains Cami Petyn.


Having already garnered nearly half a million followers and subscribers over her social media platforms, Cami Petyn is busy and determined to carve a name for herself in the music industry. The pink-haired singer-songwriter resides in Los Angeles, California (with her two beloved cats) and is ecstatic to keep pushing artistic boundaries and connecting with her listeners. 


"Add her to your list of artists

to watch in 2020"


"Cami Petyn has such

unique pop/jazzy vocals that

immediately grasp your attention,

and combining this with the edgier

sound creates something

truly dynamic"


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